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In 2006, Russ Jolly wrote a monthly column for a national magazine targeted toward the professional video production industry. The column was titled "Executive Decisions" and featured advice on producing corporate video. Russ is a video producer, writer, director & the owner of 214 Media, a video production company in Dallas, Texas. The links below are to the articles written by Russ for EventDV Magazine. This content is copyrighted by Russ Jolly and Information Today, Inc.

Twenty Questions
Craving AV
Proactive vs. Reactive
Should Be Interesting
Role Models
Contact List
Previz: Preproduction Planning
The B-Roll List
The Budget Dance
HD Resolution




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“Russ is extremely intuitive and requires a minimum of background and input in order to produce maximum results. Extremely creative and very multifaceted I will use him again at my next available opportunity and as often as I have a need for the services he offers.”
~Ron Martin, Senior Vice President, Infinera